22 September 2015

Winstonia 3rd Generation Stamping Plate Collection

I found this post sitting in my draft folder and realised I had never gotten around to publishing it! The 300 set from Winstonia came out quite a while ago now, but it was their first buffet plate collection so something a little different from their normal cutesy images. As usual quality was fantastic but I wasn't overly excited about these plates as I have a lot of similar images on other plates and I'm kinda over buffet plates. If you have long nails though, these would definitely suit you.
Winstonia 300 available here. 


  1. Being bad at nail art, I love stamping. But to tell the truth, I prefer mani and pedi done professionally. During our honeymoon in Ibiza, my hubby made me a great present - a ticket to the local professional nail salons. I got there high class manicure and pedicure plus incredibly pleasant foot massage. I spent there 2 hours, but my hands and feet looked well groomed for the whole vacation and even more.

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  3. I would love to have these stamping plate but sadly we don't find it here. Can you tell us if these are available online? Looking forward to hear from you



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