13 April 2014

Feather Nails

My most favourite nails that I have done in ages. Figured they deserved a blog post of their own. Deceptively simple, so pretty.

This design was done using a 3 colour gradient. A made a tutorial for how I do 3 colour gradients a long time ago - here is the link. I tend to use a different method when doing 2 colour gradients as its harder to get that nice fade with only two colours. This is how I do 2 colour gradients. 

CG - In a lily bit (lilac)
CG - Lotus Begin ( purple)
Zoya - Dot

The feathers are water decals. Im sorry I cant remember where I got them, I think they were a freebee from our polish supplier. You can find them on ebay, Born Pretty etc. I apply water decals by cutting around them really closely, lying on top of my nails then wetting them from behind with a cotton tip. Isn't Zoya - Dot just the nicest soft pink? xx

11 April 2014

Nail art round up

A short and sweet post to share the nail art Julsie and I have been doing over the past few weeks. Enjoy xx

Ikat Nails
China Glaze - Shocking Pink
Lime Crime - Lavendairy
Morgan Taylor - white

Neon chevron half moons
Orly - Beach cruiser
Orly - Glowstick
China Glaze - Turned up turquoise

Nude Watercolour
Morgan Taylor - white
Zoya - Taylor
Zoya - Rue
Zoya - Bridgette
Zoya - Lux (Pixie)

OPI - Jade is the new black
Morgan Taylor - white
OPI - Pretzel my buttons

Holo foil
Morgan Taylor - white
Outline decal - available from www.dramaqueennails.com

China Glaze - Im not lion
Stamped with an image from the Pueen 24B Buffet collection

Holo stamping
OPI - Skull and glossbones
Lilypad Lacquer - Popping purple (holo)

Bird Cage
Zoya - Taylor
Daring Digits - Blackberry square (black and white glitter)

Holo stamping
Morgan Taylor - white
Color Club - Beyond (holo)
Stamp is from Moyou plate - Fairytale 02

Misa - Peach Passion with ice glitter hex sequins (both products available in the shop)

Holo stamping
OPI - Mr and Mrs Mimosa
Color Club - Miss Bliss (holo)
Peita's Polish - Pinkleberry (glitter)

Polka Dots
Lime Crime - Once in a blue mousse
Morgan Taylor - white

China Glaze -At Vase value (blue)
China   Glaze - Grass is lime greener (green)
China Glaze - Spring in my step (pink)
China Glaze - In a lily bit (lilac)

Holo stamping
China glaze - Spring in my step (pink)
China Glaze - Beauty Within ( darker pink)
Color Club - Beyond (holo)

Pink paint
China Glaze - Concrete
Orly - Beach Cruiser
Arcane Lacquer - Wild Rover (glitter)

Striping Tape
Morgan Taylor - white
Zoya - Lux (pixie)

Thanks for sticking around xx

8 April 2014

Chanel Nails

Firstly I want to thank say you to all our followers who check back regularly to see what's happening here on our blog. In recent months I have been very slack posting, but I checked into the stats today and there are lots of you still checking in daily. So thanks! You have given me the push I needed to blog again xx It was only fitting I did something super glam for the super fans! CHANEL.

Jules and I share our nail art daily on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr,  so if you like to keep up to date with our manis please follow along. Facebook is making it really hard for our followers to see us :( So if you feel like you haven't seen anything in your newsfeed, you probably haven't...but we are posting...everyday! To have our posts show up please like and comment on our photos and facebook will start to put more DQN stuff in your newsfeed. Ok...on to the mani XD

Polishes used:
  • OPI - White gold and silver topcoat
  • OPI - Love, Music, Angel, Baby (gold satin)
  • China Glaze: Liquid Leather

The Chanel logo is a water decal. I have had it for ages, I think it came free with a big order we did for nail decals. You can find them lots of places on the net. They are a bit fiddly to apply, but not too hard. Basically you cut out the shape really closely. Place it on your nail, then use a cotton tip soaked it water to wet it from behind. Then you peel the paper off. Its exactly like applying a fake tattoo. My decal was gold but when wet turned white gold...weird but cool! 

I will be posting again here on the blog later in the week...yeah I'm on a roll! xx


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