5 June 2014

Cruelty Free Nail Polish

*Updated June 2014*

Whether you are an animal activist or just a human being with compassion for all creatures great and small, its sensible to be informed about the products you buy and use. We hope this post helps you to become informed about the brands that test and that you will only support companies that manufacture and sell their products humanely.

This blog post is a work in progress which we will refine and add to as more information comes to light. We have researched these companies extensively through a number of sources including Choose Cruelty FreePETA, Animals Australia and directly from the companies themselves. If you are in doubt about any of the companies listed please contact the company themselves for your own piece of mind. There is also a great app from Choose Cruelty Free  that can help you make informed choices when you are shopping.

These are companies that neither perform tests themselves, ask other companies to test, or benefit from other brands' testing. [V] denotes a vegan brand, however not all products made by the brand may be vegan. Also brands without a V may also be vegan however I could not find information about them at this time.

·      Acquarella
·      A Beautiful Life
·      Adorn
·      a england
·      American Apparel
·      Australis
·      Barry M [V]
·      Beauty Without Cruelty
·      Biologika
·      Bourjois
·      Bundle Monster
·      Butter London
·      Catrice [V]
·      Catwalk Cosmetics
·      Chi Chi
·      China Glaze
·      Color Club [V]
·      Cult Nails
·      Deborah Lippman
·      Del Sol
·      De Lorenzo
·      Dermalogica
·      E.L.F. [V]
·      Essence
·      Face of Australia
·      Gellish (Nail Harmony USA)
·      GOSH
·      Hard Candy
·      Hopscotch Kids
·      Illamasqua
·      Inglot
·      Innoxa
·      Jessica
·      Kleancolor
·      L.A. Girl
·      Le Reve
·      Lime Crime
·      Lush
·      ManGlaze
·      Milani [V]
·      Misa
·      Morgan Taylor (Nail Harmony USA)
·      Nails Inc
·      Nail Tek [V]
·      Nina Ultra Pro [V]
·      Natio
·      Nfu Oh
·      Nubar [V]
·      Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics [V]
·      Orly
·      Ozotic
·      piCture pOlish
·      Piggy Paint
·    Paul Mitchell
·      Priti [V]
·      Spa Ritual [V]
·      Seche
·      Wet n Wild
·      Zoya [V]

The companies that may not perform tests themselves, but still either benefit from other brands' testing, or are owned by a parent company who does test on animals, or test cosmetic ingredients where required by specific countries laws (China). It's complicated!

·      Avon
·      Burt's Bees (Clorox)
·      Chanel
·      Covergirl
·      Essie
·      George by ASDA
·      Jurlique
·      Lancome (L'oreal)
·      Le Tan
·      L'Occitane
·      L'oreal
·      Mary Kay
·      Nars
·      Nicole by OPI (Coty)
·      Nutrimetics 
·      NYX (L'oreal)
·      OPI (Coty)
·    Pure Ice (Revlon)
·      Red Earth
·      Sally Hansen (Del)
·      Sephora by OPI 
·      Sinful colours
·      The Body Shop (L'Oreal) 
·      Urban Decay (L'Oreal)
·      Yardley

The companies who DO test on animals. BAD BAD BAD!

·      Andrew Collinge
·      Anna Sui
·      Aramis
·      Aveeno
·      Band-Aid
·      Biotherm
·      Bobbi Brown
·      Bonjela
·      Braun
·      Cacharel
·      Cashmere Bouquet
·      Chapstick
·      Clairol
·      Clean & Clear
·      Clearasil
·      Clinicare
·      Clinique
·      Colgate
·      Crest
·      Decore
·      Disprin
·      Dolce & Gabbana
·      Donna Karan
·      Dove
·      Dior
·      Dufour
·      Durex
·      Elizabeth Arden
·      Estee Lauder
·      Eulactol
·      Fruitrience
·      Garnier
·      Gillette
·      Giorgio Armani
·      Gucci Fragrances
·      Head & Shoulders
·      Herbal Essences
·      Hugo Boss
·      Impulse
·      Johnson & Johnson
·      Kerastase
·      Kiehl's
·      Lacoste
·      Lancome (Loreal)
·      Lemsip
·      Listerine
·      Lux
·      Lynx
·      MAC
·      Max Factor
·      Maybelline
·      Michael Kors
·      Missoni
·      Miss Sporty
·      Mum
·      Nair
·      Neutrogena
·      Nice 'n Easy
·      Nurofen
·      NYC
·      Olay
·      Old Spice
·      Optrex
·      Oral B
·      Palmolive
·      Pantene
·      Pearl Drops
·      Pears
·      Pert
·      Plax
·      Ponds
·      PPS
·      Radox
·      Ralph Lauren Fragrances
·      Reach
·      Redken
·      Revlon
·      Rexona
·      Rogaine
·      Sally Beauty Supply
·      Sanex
·      Saturn
·      Savlon
·      Scholl
·      Sensodyne
·      Shiseido
·      Shu Uemura
·      Simple
·      SK-II
·      Speed Stick
·      St Ives
·      Stayfree
·      Steradent
·      Strepsils
·      Tampax
·      Tom Ford
·      Tommy Hilfiger
·      Tony & Guy
·      TREsemme
·      Vaseline
·      Veet
·      Venus
·      Vicks
·      Vidal Sasson
·      Viktor & Rolf 
·      V05
·      Waxeeze
·      Wella
·      Wella Balsam
·      Zest

If you believe the information in this post is incorrect please contact DQN at dqnails@gmail.com or comment below. We love hearing from you guys – things change all the time and we might have missed companies being bought out by bigger companies that do test - so when things happen let us know and we can adjust the lists.


  1. Just discovered your blog via the GLM website and I am so glad to see more bloggers moving away from poish tested on animals! :)

    Now following your blog!

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  6. Hi, i think this site is great, however, it needs to be updated given some of the companies listed as dont test on animals actually do test on animals, for example Revlon. if the product is sold in China, the company has their products tested on animals.

    hope that helps

    1. Revlon is listed in the DOES TEST section so not quite sure what you mean, this post is 100% accurate with information sourced directly from the companies themselves. We hope you found it helpful :)

  7. Hi Urban Decay were bought by L'oreal last year. So unfortunately are not cruelty free :-(

    1. Thanks for the update, I have updated the blog also as you are correct Loreal has now acquired Urban Decay.

  8. I wonder if this list is still accurate since it was shared in Febr 2013 and the ban on animal testing (finished products and ingredients, also if the ingredients come from outside europe) came to be in March 2013 and quite a few companies stopped testing then. They have to if they want to sell their new product in europe. That must have changed the list but when I google all I get is lists from before the european law.

  9. I'm always thrilled when I see more people moving away from the unnecessary cruelty of animal testing. Looking through your list I noticed that you have NARS listed as cruelty free. I'm sure you know they are owned by Shiseido, who do test. Do you have any information that they deserve to be on the safe list?

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    2. Do you know anything aabout a brand called CR CAIRUO?
      I can't find anything about whether or not they test

  10. Is there a cruelty free biogel nail product out there?? or shellac??

  11. Kiss's Everlasting Gel Polish is cruelty-free. They're owned by the cruelty-free umbrella company American International Industries.

  12. Does Morgan Taylor test on animals ? I can't find any info.

    1. Morgan Taylor is a sub brand of Nail Harmony USA which does NOT test on animals :) I will add it to the safe list.

    2. Thank you so much. They have such amazing colors but I wanted to be sure before buying any !


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  14. Why is Paul Mitchell on the grey list?! Independent company, is it not? :(

    1. Hi Ghausia. Paul Mitchell did not apply for cruelty free certification in 2014. This may signify some changes in their business practices or can simply be that they did not go through the certification process by choice. To show that they were not technically certified they were placed on the grey list. However since your question I have contacted Paul Mitchell directly to give them the chance to clarify. I received information from them to say that they continue to be committed to being a cruelty free company so I have moved them to the safe list. Thank you for your question.

  15. Isn't Pure Ice owned by Revlon? If so, I think they should be on the "testing list".

  16. I was just reading some info online that leads me to believe Revlon is NOT testing on animals anymore. You might look into it.

  17. This is a great resource, thank you so much for creating and posting it! I do have a suggestion, though, on how to make it even better. Next to each company name (for the cruelty-free companies, anyway), list the country or region they sell in. That way, we know which companies we'll find in the U.S., in the U.K., in N.Z., in Aussie, etc. That would make this awesome list even more awesome. :)

  18. Hi just saying nyx has been bought by l'oreal who does test on animals

  19. You should add Mineral Fusion to the list! I'm looking into Ciate as well, but looks like they are good.

  20. Is Eveline Cosmetics cruelty-free? Looking for a good makeup remover/general cleanser and Eveline is one of my few, limited options. :/

  21. Thanks for this blog. I find it such hard work to find genuine 100% cruelty free brands

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  23. Thank you for all the hard work you've taken to put together this list! You help to those of us with a nail polish addiction make smarter, more ethical choices. Good karma to you!

  24. Which V05 products aren't CF? I buy their shampoos and they say they don't test on animals on the back of the label, but...

  25. FLOWER beauty by Drew Barrymore is cruelty free- Nail polish too!

  26. Does anyone know about Cuccio color(polish and gel polish) or any of their professional products?

  27. Marks and Spencer are cruelty free and seemingly even branded products they sell must be cruelty free. Hope this is 100% accurate as after spending quite a lot of money on Urban decay in the summer I now find it's owned by a testing company.
    Also all supermarket own brands household cleaning products are meant to be cruelty free, Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury's and Tesco.

  28. G-Man. Urban Decay has been on our "orange" list for a while now. Its very important to do lots of your own research so you feel comfortable with what you buy. I'm trying to keep this list directed at brands that are available to Aussies but thanks for the suggestions.

  29. Julep should be on the hooray! list for not testing on animals and being vegan.

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  31. Sadly, according to another site- (type http:// and then type blushingbiddies.com/2014/08/28/bourjois-is-not-cruelty-free/) it seems that Bourjois is now selling in China. :-(

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  34. Sorry buy I'm confused by your lists.....I look at crueltyfreekitty and others and your lists contradict in quite a few places. Nars are most definitely a good company.

  35. This comment has been removed by the author.

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  38. is quimica alemana vegan non animal testing

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