13 October 2013

The almond nails experiment

Adelle, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and now Jules......it's time to get your talons on! Having only ever had square nails Julsie has taken a leap of faith and tried something a little different. Whilst not for everyone I personally love almond shaped nails. I think they look glamorous and minxy and I am spitting the dummy that I wasn't brave enough to go for it. Never mind, I'll have to live vicariously through Jules for now.

Todays design features;
  • Barry M - Baby Pink
  • OPI - My boyfriend scales walls
  • Essie - Set in stones (silver glitter)

 If you are thinking about drastically changing the shape of your nails I would invest in some stick ons, shape them and try them on to see if they suit your hands. To achieve the almond shape you will need to either use an acrylic or gel overlay/extensions over your natural nails to get the required strength to maintain the pointed end. 

 So fancy! I want almond nails so bad. Will you all stop following me if I leave behind my squaries? Waaah!


  1. Yes ill stop following u! Haha jk but omg i totally know how you feel. Ive always had the square nails and reeeeeeeally want to do acrylics on myself cus theyre so pretty but 1. Just dont wanna ruin my natural nails and 2. Im not brave enough :(( i feel like i wont be use to it or like how they feel when i... Try to pick stuf up? Ahah.. But they look so nice on all of my "clients" (friends aha) when i do acrylic almond shaped nails for them :((

  2. Almond nails look fantasticly fierce! I love them! I say everybody who likes them and wants them should go for it :)

  3. I'm sorry, I think I'm the only person that doesn't like this trend, they give me the creeps. That being said, this mani is lovely!

  4. I wanna try almond nails sometime even knowing they won't suit my hands... but I love how "pretty-but-dangerous" they look!

  5. I recently changed from square to mini kitty claws only last week and I LOVE THEM.

    I wear soak off gel anyway but my nails feel stronger and are less likely to snag having them thus shape. I wish I'd charged sooner. It was only an experiment but I'm going to keep them for a while ;)

  6. Since when I decided not cut my nails, I maintained a square nails, but now I saw in your post a new diamond style of nail, I wanna try it! Great idea!



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