25 October 2013

Glamoween 2013

This year for Halloween DQN is banishing the goo and replacing it with glam! If you would like to join in the fun tag your creation with #dqnglamoween. We would love to see your fab glamorous creations. This is our third glamoween mani with more to come leading up to the 31st of October.

Today's design features:
  • Zoya - Dahlia (black Pixie)
  • Wing Dust - Feel the burn (hot pink glitter jelly)
  • OPI - My boyfriend scales walls

I stamped the sugar skulls with Kleancolor - Metallic Black. I like this polish for stamping as it smears a whole lot less than Konad black and gives you a sparkly effect through your image. The skull images are from the Bundle monster - Create your own collection: plate BM-413

These are the other two manis I have done so far as part of this year's Glamoween series.

Ripped flesh with China Glaze - Ruby Pumps and Essie - Sand Tropez

Dripping glitter with Picture Polish - Heavy Metal and spiky studs. The blood splatter print is also from the Bundle monster - Create your own collection ans stamped again with Kleancolour - Metallic Black.

I love these studs, the multi faceted face reflects the light and makes them super shiny.

They were however very hard to photograph due to their 3D design.

Blood splatter image.

Stay tuned for more glittery, girly manis for Glamoween 2013.

17 October 2013

Bundle Monster - Create your own nail stamping plate collection

New to the BM range, a set of plates designed by nail stamping fans. It's a great mix and just when you thought I've got all the plates I'll ever need....think again. They're awesome! Available now from Drama Queen Nails. 

Yeah I love nails too! And geeks!

I'm loving the triangles - this image would work great for reverse stamping.

Dripping paint, whoever submitted that design is a genius.

Kitties and owls and interlocking dots, this a favourite plate of the set for me.

This Halloween plate is so rad....need to use that sugar skull stat!

Dress up your nails for a fancy night on the town.

Finally a zig zag image with thick stripes! I can't wait to use this image.

Oh yes! Love this plate.

Overall this set is really well rounded. It's got a great mix of both full prints and accent images that are different from all the other BM sets. The advantage of having nail stamping crazies dream up designs is that there is a cross over between nail art techniques. Take for example the dripping paint image. Easy to do with a dotting tool but noe even easier with a stamp. 

13 October 2013

The almond nails experiment

Adelle, Rihanna, Lady Gaga and now Jules......it's time to get your talons on! Having only ever had square nails Julsie has taken a leap of faith and tried something a little different. Whilst not for everyone I personally love almond shaped nails. I think they look glamorous and minxy and I am spitting the dummy that I wasn't brave enough to go for it. Never mind, I'll have to live vicariously through Jules for now.

Todays design features;
  • Barry M - Baby Pink
  • OPI - My boyfriend scales walls
  • Essie - Set in stones (silver glitter)

 If you are thinking about drastically changing the shape of your nails I would invest in some stick ons, shape them and try them on to see if they suit your hands. To achieve the almond shape you will need to either use an acrylic or gel overlay/extensions over your natural nails to get the required strength to maintain the pointed end. 

 So fancy! I want almond nails so bad. Will you all stop following me if I leave behind my squaries? Waaah!

3 October 2013

#31dc2013 - The Round-up Post

Let's take a look back at all the creations from this year's challenge. 

Montage! Gunna need a montage! 

Day 1 Red

Day 2 Orange

Day 3 Yellow

Day 4 Green

Day 5 Blue - I really loved this mani and was sad that I had to take it off the next day, it was really beautiful.

Day 6 Purple - Loved this one too and will be doing lots more ombre claws in the future.

Day 7 Black and White - Jules tapped in for this one. Funky!

Day 8 Metallic

Day 9 Rainbows. My addiction to Zoya Pixies was full blown by this stage.

Day 10 Gradient, which I personally think should be replaced with unicorn day next year.

Day 11 Spots

Day 12 Stripes

Day 13 Animal print: Peacock. I was raging on this day because my stamping bled into colour underneath when I applied topcoat but with perspective it was still nice.

Day 14 Flowers. Julsie helped out with next 2 days so I could have a break. Isn't she the best sis ever!

Day 15 Delicate Print

Day 16 Aztec

Day 17 Glitter

Day 18 Half moon

Day 19 Galaxy

Day 20 Watermarble Aargh! This day does NOT get any easier the 2nd time around. I am convinced that living in QLD with our high humidity and temps does make it difficult to get the polish to spread well. Perhaps it's just me?

Day 21 Inspired by a colour

Day 22 Inspired by a song: Rihanna Diamonds.

Day 23 Inspired by a movie: Splash!

Day 24 Inspired by a book: Clockwork Orange

Day 25 Inspired by fashion

Day 26 Inspired by a print

Day 27 Inspired by an artist: Ken Done

Day 28 Inspired by a flag: Pride flag

Day 29 Inspired by the supernatural

Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial: Reverse stamping

Day 31 Honour someone you admire: Chalkboard Nails

That's a wrap! 


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