2 July 2013

Pueen 25F Sumptuous Gallery Stamping Set

Today we explore the first generation stamping plate set from Pueen. I am a big fan of their second set of plates so I had high hopes for this collection. It's another great set with modern images and thankfully not a french tip in sight. The set is called Sumptuous Gallery as it contains many iconic fashion and decor prints, think romantic antique wallpaper and art deco accents! This set is available now from Drama Queen Nails.

The plates are 5.5cm in diametre. The images are slightly smaller than the ones in the 2nd set. If you have longer nails than mine you would need to double stamp the full nail prints.

Zig zags! 

Butterflies, and the lines...me likey!

I love all the images on this plate, especially the triangles and of course the crowns.

Love this plate too.

Another favourite plate, love the geometric prints and the little flower bunny...awww!

The rubber ducky and the bow are super cute.

Loving the swirls.

This is probably my favourite print from the set, the fan shaped art deco image is really pretty, cant wait to try it.

The flower and butterfly lace is too cute!

This plate gives me a wallpaper feel, or beautiful turkish rugs.

This is the best reindeer image, so cutesy! And the rose lace print is another winner.

The set comes in a little swivel slip pouch with pockets for each plate.

If you like this set it is available now from here. 

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  1. All these plates are very very beautiful! I loved it each one of them!




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