2 June 2014

Rainbow Gradient Nails

Oh my...I made a rainbow and now I never want to take these nails off! And it sparkles...winning! Finally a new collection where I love every colour and they worked together to create a rainbow, what's not to like about that! China Glaze - Offshore collection - Available now from Drama Queen Nails. 

To create this mani I started with a white base using Morgan Taylor - white. I waited for it to dry completely then I used a make up sponge to apply the gradient. Check out the sponge...more rainbow! If you are getting chunks when you do gradients that's an indication that the polish on the sponge is too dry and is sticking to your nail. Prime up your sponge with more polish and wait for the first coat to dry to stop this from happening.

All the polishes I used to create the rainbow are from the new China Glaze - Off Shore collection. This is a GREAT collection, bright crellies that went on perfectly in two coats. The green - Be More Pacific - was a tiny bit streaky and needed 2 coats when I used it on its own, but mixed into the gradient it was fine. I topped off the rainbow with a layer of  holo sparkles: Out the Door - Northern Lights - available here. 

I highly recommend this collection, even with my *ahem* large polish collection I found that the tones were unique and I had nothing like them. My fav of the bunch is the purple - XTA Sea - and the teal - Wait n' Sea. There isn't one colour that I wouldn't use and for a long time there hasn't be a collection that I have NEEDED every colour. Well done China Glaze, well done! Available now from Drama Queen Nails. 


  1. I love this! Looks gorgeous!

  2. Could you add a video or give more directions for this please? I tried it, but I'm not really happy with how it came out. Not exactly sure how to work the sponge.



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