11 July 2014

Julep Pile Wand

A little while ago DQN was approached by Julep to help them spread the word about an interesting new product they have just released called the "Pile Wand". Today's blog post will take a closer look at this invention which offers a unique spin on traditional nail polish brushes.

Check out this video from Julep's CEO Jane Park.

So basically the Pile Wand is a brush extender that you can attach to any of your Julep's nail polish brushes. Now before I go into the great things about the wand I have to say this. Until I was approached by Julep I did not actually own any Julep nail polishes. In order to write a fair post I did two things. I researched some other blogs to get an idea of the Julep brand. I also went to a friends house to sample her Julep polishes so I could comment on the original bottle brush.

Ok, so the word on the street (in the land of nail polish crazies) is not so kind towards Julep, mainly due to some technical difficulties around their rewards system regarding their monthly nail polish box (Julep Maven's). However not having experienced this myself or having any first hand knowledge of the situation besides knowing Julep has fixed the issue, I choose to file this information in the "Interesting to know, but moving on" part of my brain.

In regards to the actual polish and the brush. ZOMG! A tall rectangular shaped bottle. Sexy but not at all practical. I had to be extremely conscious and thoughtful so that I didn't knock it over, its quite unstable. I did actually knock it over once! The polish itself "Cody", a bright orange creme was really nice, a fav of my friend who tells me she quite likes the polishes, great formula, reasonable dry time, but shares a similar view on the shape of the bottles. Click here to see the polishes available from Julep.


Ok so onto my thoughts about the Pile Wand. Not being able to get my grubby hands on one I guess from the outside looking in it appears to be a genius idea, especially for nuggles and those who don't paint their nails everyday. I paint my nails so often that even with my left hand I have practised so much that I'm really pretty good applying the polish. However I can see the benefits of being able to rest the extended brush in the crook on your hand for stability and being able to place it at an angle that works for you. Turning a small brush into a "paintbrush" seems like it would logically enable much greater control, accuracy and more fluid brush strokes, particularly useful for nail art I would think. Also being able to attach it to the Julep polishes you already own is a great design inclusion.

The Pile Wand comes with a options/attachments; a dotting tool, a smaller brush and a striping brush. It's a fab idea and I'm sure there are lots of happy polishers out there using this revolutionary product but honestly because I don't own any Julep polishes I am finding it a little hard to get super excited about it. Julep if you decide to capitalise on your design and include options for being able to attach it to China Glaze, OPI and Zoya bottles, I would be all over that in a second! I really do think its a very clever idea, I just don't have a use for it at the present moment. Maybe Julep will send me some lovely polishes to try *wink wink* and then I can write a proper review. Cheeky!  

If you are interested in reading more about the Pile Wand click here to go to Julep's blog. I would love to hear your thoughts on the wand if you own one yourself.

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