11 August 2013

Bundle Monster - Holiday Collection

Bundle Monster has been a staple in the manufacture of nail stamping plates since the beginning of their popularity. They have evolved with each collection and made improvements along the way to ensure their plates stay modern and ahead of the competition. Their secret? They listen and collaborate with their customers! So lets explore their latest set, the Holiday Collection 2013. Thats right, themed plates for every holiday occasion! Available now from Drama Queen Nails.

The set contains 25 image plates and comes in a small storage box. BM-H01 thru BM-H25 feature 6 designs on each plate totalling 150 designs. BM has included the classics like: Christmas, Easter, and St Paddy's Day,  but they also threw in some other special events like: birthday, baby shower, wedding and graduation for some added flare. None of the images have appeared in any of their previous collections.

When BM released their first collection in 2010 the images were great and stamped well but they were really small so you couldn't use some of the designs if you had longish nails.  Over the next 3 years the images in each collection got bigger and bigger and the french tip plates dissapeared...hooray! The plates are 5.5cm in diameter so will fit into your existing storage folders. The full nail images are 1.8cm height and 1.4cm width. That reindeer is too cute!

Now while there are tonnes of images I will definitely use from this set there are some polarizing plates. When it comes to religion you are either going to use it or you're not. 

I love the originality of the images in the set but I am a bit disappointed by the size of some of the accent images. They are really, really big and far too wide for my nails with the average size between 0.7 - 1cm in width. Most of them would need to be very precisely stamped to get them to fit so in my eyes I see that as a little unforgiving. 

 St Paddy's Day 1 and 2.

I love this plate so much...hooray up Halloween so I can use it!

Love this too, the witch's shoes are awesome and its nice to see something difference in the mix.

Why oh why BM did you make the bunny ears so big? 


Again another plate most of us from outside the US will probably never use. What about an Australian holiday themed plate instead with sausages, beers, thongs and koalas?

I love the buddha from this plate, and the fireworks and ribbons, one of my favs from the set.

No matter how many heart plates I collect I still need more...this one is devine!

Love this plate too!


Too cute! 


Cant see myself ever using this plate these last 2 plates I'm sure there are lots of girls in the US and around the world who will love it. 

Im sure you will agree that this set is pretty cool but there are some plates that you could live without. Because I must have ALL THE STAMPING PLATES I had to have it and I'm glad I do because finally I wont be scrambling around looking for that one baby shower image amongst my collection. When its a special occasion Ill go straight to my holiday collection! This set is available now from Drama Queen Nails.

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