11 August 2013

Make waves.....with your striping brush!

Since I posted the picture below on Instagram I get asked almost daily for a tutorial on how to recreate this wavy design. I never thought it would be popular so at the time I didn't take any extra photos to show how I did it. But it really is a very easy design and I'm glad so many of you liked it and wanted to give it a go for yourself. Read on a for a mini tutorial.

Today I have substituted the original polishes which were all from the first Zoya Pixie Dust collection with neons. In the original design I used Godiva (nude), Dahlia (black) and London (grey). Pixie Dusts are textured polishes that you apply without topcoat. They give a matte glittery finish that is rough like sandpaper to the touch. The above picture was taken in direct sun and they are really gorgeous polishes alone or mixed into any nail art.

I switched to neons partly because I was dying to use my Lush Lacquer Neon Lights at the time and I thought I could match it with some wavy neon lines. I actually hated the final result and took it off straight away. I shouldn't have put the yellow and green next to each other...anyways as usual with me I put photos away for a while then get them out a few weeks later and I don't mind it now.

To recreate this design you need a medium sized striping brush.  Start with a white base, this is one coat of OPI My boyfriend scales walls.

Pick one of the colours you want to use, put a few drops onto foil or baking paper, dip in your striping brush and start by making a wavy line across the middle of each nail. Starting the lines in the middle vs. at one end of your nail will increase your chances of keeping the design fairly evenly placed across your fingers. Ignore the yellow line on my middle finger, I was testing to see if my yellow was going to be opaque enough.

Clean off your brush in acetone and repeat the first step with another colour. I tend to work from the middle up to the tip of my nail, and then from the middle down to the cuticle area. Keep adding colours until the space is filled. Clean up the skin around your nail with your clean up brush then add topcoat to blend the colours.

If you decide to give this a go I would love to see. Tag me #dramaqueennails on Instagram or share to our Facebook page. Thanks to everyone who requested this tutorial. Please email me any other ideas you would like to see.

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  1. Thanks for the tutorial :) This design is looking fantastic! :D



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