24 May 2014

Neon Blocks

It's Tetris meets Aztec in this week's inspiration nails. I follow a lot of nail blogs but Polish All the Nails is a favourite of mine because she has a "thing" and that thing is using decals and sequins to create amazing patterns and tessellations. A few weeks back she did a series of manis with neon rectangles and squares and yes whilst it does take a very long time to place the decals the end result is really amazing and creative. BAM! Neon blocks. 

To create this mani is really very simple. I used square studs which are available here. Begin by painting a base colour then top coat it and let it dry completely. The top coat layer is essential, it creates a slidey base so that you can push the squares into place. Around the cuticle I cut some decals to fit using my cuticle trimming nippers.

I use base coat to stick my decals on. I use a dotting tool to dip into the base coat and place a blob on my nail where I want the decal to go. This then makes the dotting tool a little sticky so that you can pick up the decal. Place it on the spot where you want it then use the dotting tool to push it into place and line it up.

I do each decal one by one otherwise the blob of base coat you put on your nail dries too fast and the decal doesn't stick. Yes it takes a long time, but when you only do a couple of nails it's not too bad.

Finish off the mani by applying a layer of topcoat over the whole lot, this adds shine and seals down the decals. Watch out for bubbles between the decals, stroke over the bubbles with the topcoat brush to remove them. Click here to get the decals. Love these XD 

1 comment:

  1. How long did the studs stay on? My luck they would start falling off within the first hour LOL. Very cute mani!!!!!



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