25 May 2014

Cici & Sisi Jumbo 2 stamping plate collection

Today we take a closer look at the Cici & Sisi Jumbo 2 stamping plate collection. These plates were extremely hard to get to Australia, however DQN pulled some strings to get them for you guys. You're welcome! Get the plates here.

There are six plates in this collection which come in this nifty little holder.

Plate 07 - I haven't had the chance to use these plates yet so for now I can't comment on the quality but all the reviews I have read speak VERY highly of the quality. 

Plate 08
  • The plates are jumbo, each measures 15cm x 10cm
  • The images are jumbo too, each full nail design measures 1.5 cm by 1.9 cm
  • Each plate is attached to PVC backing for easy and comfortable handling and protected by a protective nylon screen
  • The plates also come with a FREE water tattoo sticker

Plate 09 - The band aid is cool!

Plate 10 - Lots to like on this plate, the kitty is so cute!

Plate 11 - So many great images on this plate, the skulls, cupcake and roses are my personal favs.

Plate 12 - The swirl optical illusion is great.

If you are lucky enough to own these plates we would love to hear your thoughts on them. Please comment below. 

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