29 August 2014

Paint Splatters...the easy way!

One of the things that I love most about nail art is its close links with craft....yes I know that makes me sound geeky but for those of us not blessed with amazing freehand skills....craft is king! For today's design I was inspired to see what I could create using a craft paint blower. Read on for the tutorial. 

I was motivated to investigate an alternative splatter method to using a straw as it uses a tonne of polish and its hard to control the amount of paint that splatters. Sometimes with the straw I end up with big globs of paint versus actual splatters and sometimes when you blow on the straw nothing happens...its just annoyingly random! I'm pleased to say that the paint blower worked an absolute treat, no more straws for me! 

For this experiment I used cheap craft paint because I wasn't sure if it was going to work or how much polish I was going to need and I didn't want to use up my precious goodies. I squirted out quite a bit of paint but I really only needed to put a tiny dab onto the scratch paper because I ended up using a minuscule amount. After I took these photos and removed the design I tried this method with polish and it works perfectly! 

Step 1: Start by sucking up a bit of paint into the blower. Put the blower to the paint with the accordion part squeezed down and as you release your thumb the blower will suck the paint up into the nozzle. You only need a tiny bit.

Step 2: Now to thin down the paint. I could have used water but I had my pump bottle of acetone right in front of me so being lazy, I used that. Repeat step one, squeeze the accordion part and put the nozzle in the liquid and as you remove your thumb the blower will suck up the water/acetone. Again you only need a tiny bit. 

Step 3: Aim the blower at your nails and squeeze the pump  and tiny little splatters come out. Gorgeous squiggles and wonderful dribbles create such a cool pattern. No more big globs! The harder and quicker your squeeze the accordion part, the bigger the splatter. Also vary the angle which you aim the blower at your nail as it alters the splatter trail, very cool! 

So your desk doesn't get splatters on it, place your hand over an object that will clean up easily. The manicure bowl worked a treat and caught the excess liquid that sprayed out. It was also prefect for when I cleaned out the blower. To do this just repeat step 2 a few times until your blower nozzle is clear.

If you try out this method I would love to see. Share your pic to any of our DQN social media sites with the hashtag #DQN 

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