30 August 2014

Resinail - new Aussie indie

New to the market, the first release polishes from new Aussie indie Resinail cater for a range of polish lovers; there's holos, thermals, glitter toppers and more, a little something for everyone!  Thank you Michelle for sending 3 fab polishes my way. Let's take a closer look.

The first polish I tried was this silver linear holo. Resinail - Fizzy Water. 4 coats direct sunlight.  Gorgeous sparkle but its very sheer so you need a few coats but look how beautiful it is! This would work well with silver undies. Its very comparable to a spectraflair topcoat. Rainbows! Rainbows! Rainbows!

Fizzy Water - 4 coats indoors with flash. I wish this polish was just a bit more opaque but then again you can wear it over lots of different colours so that's a bonus. The formula was consistent across the 3 polishes and the 5 free suspension base is great quality. The brush in the full size bottle was a good size and the polishes applied well. I also really like Michelle's bottle labels, I love that you can see the polish through the "R", its funky! Now onto my absolute fav. 

Ooooh dreamy! Fuchsia Fade (thermal) - 2 coats direct sunlight. Eeeee! Devine! This is a pic of the polish in transition from warm to cool on the tips. The cool colour is a bright cerise pink shimmer. In warm phase its a light musk pink shimmer. And I'm not a massive thermal polish person, but I really, really like this. For me this is the state the polish stayed in most often.

Fuchsia Fade (thermal) - 2 coats indoors with flash. This polish underwhelms in the bottle, its looks like a dirty pink shimmer but when you put it on your nails...BAM! It's so girly! Lets see what it looks like in cool state now.

Fuchsia Fade (thermal) - 2 coats direct sunlight. Cool colour state. Living in QLD I had to put my nails under the tap to get the polish to change to this colour fully. It's a dreamy barbie pink. Makes washing your hands just a bit too much fun!

Fuchsia Fade (thermal) - 2 coats indoors with flash. Cool colour. You can see on my pinkie where its starting to transition again near the cuticle. Its cause I'm so hawt! :P Now to the glitter topper.

Resinail - Tropical Treat, a silver and lime green scattered holo glitter topper in a clear base. It's a beautiful colour of green glitter and the holo sparkle is beautiful. This polish is again quite sheer. I tried it on its own and it definitely needs undies. I used China Glaze - I'm with the lifeguard which is a neon green jelly. I then put 3 coats of the glitter topper on to get coverage I was happy with. The glitter spreads nice and evenly.

Look at that sparkle! Tropical Treat - Direct sunlight

Tropical Treat indoors with flash. 

Michelle has released lots of other gorgeous sparkly Resinail polishes which you can check out at her store HERE.  Best of luck Michelle, can't wait to see what's next for Resinail. If I get a vote more thermals please :) 

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