28 November 2014

Foil Effect - Fun Lacquer..

After a few years of polish collecting I have gotten to a point where it takes a lot to impress me enough to need to purchase something. OPI collections have left me underwhelmed this year, and its getting very hard to distinguish yourself as an indie polish maker unless you have something really unique and different from what's out there.  But then something really special comes along that changes everything.....foil effect polish.

Fun Lacquer - Queen - Foil Effect - Holo glitter polish

I cannot rave about this linear holo polish enough. 2 coats to full opacity, once it dried it really did have the plastic sheen of foil. My nails looked like they had nail wrap stickers on because the polish is perfectly thick and so dense with glitter, yet it dried as flat and smooth as a pancake. This polish is a true triumph! It was pretty much impossible for me to photograph accurately due to the excessive bling levels. In the bottle its a dark silver rainbow fun-house. 

Using traditional foil is not easy. Its really difficult to do full nail coverage with nice, clean edges. There are always little gaps and tiny bald spots at the cuticle line and sometimes you get crinkles. Well for those of us foiled by foil...see what I did there.....this is the polish for you. Get the look of of foil in a flash with Fun Lacquer.



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