12 November 2014

Rainbow Sparkle Nails with Fun Lacquer

A unicorn came and sprinkled magical rainbows of glitter on my nails. 

The good news is, even if you don't have a unicorn yet you can still have ALL THE SPARKLES!!! This technique is super easy. You need 3 key items: 

  1. A beyond amazing silver chunky scattered holo polish. I used Fun - Lacquer - Queen (Foil Effect Holo).  I experimented with plain silver glitter polishes but the chunky silver holo definitely boosted the rainbow effect.
  2. Some tinted nail polish colours.
  3. A plastic sandwich bag. 

Dribble mix tinted polishes into little swirly blobs of colour on the sandwich bag. Leave them to dry for between 30min-1 hr. 

I did get little bubbles in my decals when they were dry but when you stick them on they are not noticeable at all, the sparkle hides the little imperfections. Pull them off a still tacky, don't let them dry out too much. 

Cut up the decals as closely to size as possible before applying to nail. If they are just tacky enough they will stick themselves but its good to run a swish of base coat over your holo around the edges of your entire nail to create a 'glue' outline to help stick down the edges of the decal. Photo below is before the decal is cut to size. 

Tinted Polish are speciality polishes but easy to find or make. They are see through polishes that kind of look like cellophane paper. I used all 4 polishes from the OPI - Tint Collection. If you want to see some other amazing nails using this technique go check out @ermahgerdperlish. Her's are stunning, STUNNING!! 

 You can make tinted polish by adding drops of opaque colours to clear polish but its kinda messy so just go buy some OK. They are great for those super chic see through lace designs that are popping up at the moment and for nail art in general. You can use them for reverse stamping and stamping decals too. 

Hope you guys like these nails as much as I do and try it out for yourself. I promise that you WILL walk into something because you cant walk in the sun without staring like a maniac at your own nails xx 


  1. These are so sparkly and pretty!

  2. Wonderful colors and so sparkly! :-) I never thought of doing it this way. I hope I can get this effect with Dance Legend Steel Panther as base.



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