30 January 2013

Daring Digits - More Dots

Apologies for being MIA lately. Lots been going down in this crazy place we call Australia. Bush fires and heat waves in one state, mini tornados and devastating floods in two others. I spent Monday helping out my two wonderful sisters save their gym and pool from flooding again. They were completely inundated in January 2011 and for a while there it looked like it was happening all over again. But thankfully the river peak was lower than expected and the gym and pool were spared. However thousands of families across QLD and NSW have had their lives devastated by the recent floods and its heartbreaking to see them going through it all again when many had only just finished rebuilding from 2011. Not to trivialise anything but lets move on to something a little more uplifting....

Daring Digit - More Dots
This is one layer of More Dots over one layer of Barry M Black.

This polish is a grey jelly base with multi coloured round glequins. You could wear it alone however you would need 3 or 4 coats to opacity. The application was pretty good, I did have to move the glequins around a little to space them out but that's pretty normal for indie glitters. You can find Daring Digits here.

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