12 January 2013

The Dito collection by Karpati

Well this is different. A nail polish bottle with spaces for your fingers. "Simply slip the bottle onto your fingers like a ring and lacquer away". Alrighty then, here goes...

Chromatic | Refract by Karpati is just one of 38 polishes from their Dito Collection. A collection of polishes offering the perfect solution for the practical application of nail polish. The innovative design is so unique that it has been included in the ‘Design Collection’ of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Chromatic is one of 7 polishes in the Refract collection. It is a sheer silver polish with micro silver scattered holographic glitter. It has a smooth finish, the glitter is not raised above your nail, its embedded in the polish. 

This is 2 coats with no base or topcoat in morning sunlight. Its definitely a 3 coater if you don't want VNL, or you could layer it over a nice silver/grey undie to make it more opaque.

So is the design just a gimmick or does it actually work? 

Well holding the bottle in-between my fingers was easy, it felt steady and stayed put nicely. It didn't get in the way and allowed me to position my hand on the table the way I normally would when painting my nails. Its really quite clever. I can see the benefits of being able to apply polish this way say if you were in a rush and had to do your nails in the car or train etc. I really like that about this bottle design, its a definite pro. One thing however is the brush and the lid of the bottle. Its an awkward shape to hold and use and the brush was just average, a little on the skinny side. I had a derpy moment when trying to flip the brush over to use the paint on the other side. Another downside, the bottle does not stand up on its own. All my polishes are stored upright so my OCD is tingling just a little, but if you are carrying it around in your bag to do whilst you are out, its fine.

Awkward hand pose, the model on the box does it so much better lol This is with SV topcoat.

So the formula, it is 3 free and claims to be non streaky  I found it to be a little bit streaky, but with topcoat it's not noticeable and for a holographic polish its pretty good for application. It didnt erase itself or get bald patches. I stumbled across this polish from my Lust Have It box. Its a high end polish line and expensive. $20AUD for a bottle plus $10 shipping so definitely a splurge polish. The design really is clever and functional enough to make it worth buying 1 bottle for fun. The colour is really pretty and if they have a black version I'm all over it.

                         More details on the DITO collection by Karpati can be found here.

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