10 January 2013

Marbling with Cirque de Soleil

Today was "muck around with some of your untrieds" day, and shamefully there are many untrieds in my collection. They are all sitting on my desk waiting for their day in the sun. Well today I managed to pack 3 un-tried polishes into one manicure. The blue in the water marble really stole the show for me in this mani, its such a devine colour and the way it swirled together with the purple, its like an organic neon abstract animal print thing......ok I'm stopping, Ive been watching way too many episodes of Project Runway.

Blue: China Glaze - Hanging in the Balance
Purple: China Glaze - Creative Fantasy
Pink - China Glaze - Escaping Reality

I painted the accent nail with one coat of Kleancolour - White. Then I mixed 2 drops of blue, 2 drops of purple and one of the pink polish into the water in a bullseye pattern. The pink wanted to take over when I did just one drop of each, it was super runny and kind of bled into the blue and purple, hence why I added 2 drops of those each time. I did it in a shot glass to try and save polish but don't think I will do this again, its hard to manoeuvre your finger over where the best part of the marble is in the water and its easy to bump your nail while it's still in the water and you are removing the extra polish. I wish the pink would have come out a little more vibrant in the marble but it still looks really nice. This pink is a little pinker and less orangey in real life. The afternoon sun has given it a slight orange tint.

China Glaze - Escaping Reality

China Glaze Cirque de Soleil collection (minus the red and black glitter, I didn't get that one as the reviews from other bloggers turned me off, apparently the formula was a bit dodgy and red and black is not a combo I would normally gravitate to anyway). Click here for an earlier post devoted to this collection.


  1. love love this colour combo! i really like all of these colours, i have a pink china glaze which i've never used; so i never know, i might actually own one of these :)



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