28 February 2013

Bows and Bling

Another kitchen sinker. With so much going on in my home life (I'm having renos done at my house) there is a certain chaos that surrounds me. I guess that translated onto my nails with a little bit of this and that going on. Bling and bows, baby! And studs, but they didn't start with b.

  • The pink is China Glaze - Pink Voltage, a neon matte creme which is a little sheer. This is two coats but it really could have done with a third.
  • The blue is China Glaze -Towel Boy, a neon blue sheer
  • The glitter is China Glaze - Novo. I only just got this polish and although I have about a gazillion silver glitters, this one has moved to the top of the pile. It has scattered holographic glitter pieces mixed with silver glitter. It is on the chunky side but smoothed down nicely with one layer of top coat. It is beyond sparkly and this picture doesn't do it justice. Keep reading for the plates I used.

The bow on my middle finger is from MLS-05. Click here to see a picture of this plate. The smaller bows are from GA36 which is from the GALS Fairy Set of stamping plates. We stock both if you are interested, come see us at the markets, limited stock available. Stamped with Konad stamping polish in white. The studs are available here.

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