10 February 2013

Emily De Molly - Dark Crystal

Somebody call the morgue. I am obviously dead, because Im in polish heaven right now. I cant see the white light but I can see bazillions of sparkles! Is this polish not tre amazing? Nail jizz! 

Dark Crystal is a black jelly polish, with rainbow scatter holographic glitter. Its made by the amazing Emily De Molly, an Australian indie polish maker. It's 3 coats to opacity or 1 coat over a black creme polish. With just 2 coats on its own there was some VNL but it still looked amazing.

Close up in the sunlight

Sunlight with top coat. The formula was fantastic. It spread evenly without creating bald spots. It dried quickly and smoothly. 

Such a chic colour with sparkles that aren't so in your face, perfect for those occasions when you have to tone it down a little but still want something fun. How have I let this beauty sit in my untrieds pile for so long? BTW I'm alive and well so no need for the morgue just yet, hopefully me and my Emily De Molly Dark Crystal will live a long and happy life together.

Indirect sunlight

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