10 March 2013

Black diamonds and BYS Glitterdust

When you cant afford real black diamonds the next best thing is wearing them on your nails. Today's mani is a mix of BYS Glitter Dust and some stamping with rhinestones. Read on for a review.

BYS Glitter Dust came in a pre packaged set. In the set there was a black nail polish, the tub of glitter and a little brush for clean up.  There is a whole range of colours in the series which you can find more about here. The concept is a 3 step process, paint, dip, brush......sparkle! This is one layer of glitter with 2 layers of topcoat. It had more silver in it when it didn't have top coat on but it was kinda brushing off here and there without it so for wear I added the topcoat. The finished look is textured, liquid sand like and very similar to Pixie Dust by Zoya or the Mariah Carey collection by OPI.

The glitter is very fine with mostly black micro dots, and silver holographic particles. These shots were taken in direct sunlight.  They are still very sparkly in indirect sunlight or indoors. Application was a little messy. There was lots of excess glitter that needed to be brushed off which made clean up near the cuticle a little tricky. And now my desk is covered in a fine sprinkling of bling. I think next time I would be better prepared and put paper underneath me to make clean up a little easier.

I will definitely by buying a few more of these glitters. For the price they give excellent results and the black polish I got in the set is opaque in one coat and works well for stamping.


  1. that glitter dust looks so nice! i also love the nude polish! i cant get enough of nudes!

  2. Love the glitter dust and the nude with Konad. Very pretty xx
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