18 March 2013

Gloss 'n Sparkle - Fruit Tingle

If you look back through my past manis you"ll be able to quickly determine that I seem to gravitate towards pinks, purples and blues as a popular colour combo. I have a whole draw devoted to those colours in my Ikea Helmer and its bursting at the seams. So this indie glitter from Gloss ' n Sparkle was meant for me as it combines all those colours, and the icing on the cake, black sparkles. Read on for a review of Fruit Tingle.

The base of this polish is a creme with a range of glitter shapes and sizes. There is pink and light blue micro dots, blue and black hexagons and then a scattering of bigger black hexagons. The glitter applied pretty evenly through normal brush strokes, no dabbing required. But it did clump together leaving some areas with more glitter than others. You know I love, love, love my G'nS polishes but the formula of this particular one could do with some refining. The creme base is a little thick and the finish is pretty lumpy. It did smooth down with top coat but it just wasn't as perfect as Topsy Turvy or Unicorn Droppings. Still, the finished colour is a rich pink purple with a devine sparkle. 

At the time of this post Fruit Tingle appeared to be sold out so check back for a re-stock soon.

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