16 May 2013

Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around

Perhaps I'm too harsh on myself but the idea I had for this mani looked better in my head. I envisioned an opaque nude print for my accent nail over a striking neon pink, yet the reality is I'm yet to find the perfect nude stamping polish. The search continues......The neon glitter over the nude, now that's a different story, its Lush Lacquer - Clowning Around, its perfect in every way.

Clowning Around is a glitter topper polish. It has a variety of neon hexagon shaped glitter pieces suspended in a clear base. This is the type of glitter polish that needs to be applied using a dabbing motion to position the glitter pieces evenly across the nail. The suspension base is very forgiving allowing you to move the pieces easily without glitter drag or ruining your base colour.

It looks completely different in the bottle than it does on the nail. In the bottle it appears as if the glitters are mostly reds and oranges, on the nail you can clearly see the variety of colours. It would look great over black, white or grey. 

The nude is OPI - Don't Pretzel My Buttons  My most used nude that I lurve to death, it suits my skin tone perfectly and it has this subtle pink tint to it that stops it from looking too brown.

The swirly image is from Pueen26. I love these plates so much that the first time I used them I put so much pressure on myself to come up with something amazing to christen them with that I couldn't decide which plate to use,  so I had a massive drama queen rage quit and sulked for a day! 

And the verdict is still out on how to say Pueen......Pween like queen? Pooeen like a big Aussie bogan? Or is it just Peen? Perhaps its a Chinese typo and it was meant so say Queen all along, I mean it does have a picture of a crown on the storage pouch. Maybe we will never know......

1 comment:

  1. Ok...
    (A) This mani positively screams AWESOME!!
    (B) DPMB is my favorite nude ever!
    (C) You're crazy, the accent nail is fabulous!
    (D) I pronounce it Poo-een, not sure if that's right....
    (E) WTF is a "a big Aussie bogan"?
    (F) Your hissy fit amuses me!



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