25 May 2013

OPI Black Spotted

In 2012 when OPI released their Spiderman collection they teased us Aussie girls with a speciality polish called Black Spotted. Described as as oil meets water effect, this limited edition polish was only released in France which sent us nail crazies into a spin trying to figure out how to get our hands on it. It was almost as hard to get as trying to get a decent picture of this mani!  

Black Spotted is a really watery polish that you apply over regular nail polish to create a spotty, oily effect. You have to make sure your base colour is dry and I mean dry before you apply it or it cracks and ruins the bubbly look. I found adding a layer of Seche before the Black Spotted sped up this process however did make it a little harder to apply so that the spots didn't drag and turn into lines instead of bubbles. You need to apply it delicately and try not to overlap as it floods itself and you loose bubbles and end up with a black blob. Once I figured out how to apply it to get maximum effect it was quick and easy to use. It dried really quickly and didn't smudge when I applied top coat.

Black Spotted is available online from a variety of esellers however its not cheap. You can recreate this effect by dripping one drop of polish into a shot glass then spraying it with hairspray or alcohol spray, however it rarely comes out as good as Black Spotted and its a lot harder to clean up. So is it worth the price? I say yes, I love the effect, its easy to use and because you have to apply it in thin stokes you hardly use any polish so it should last a long time. I'm glad I have it in my collection.

I layered Black Spotted over China Glaze - Flip, Flop, Fantasy which is a neon coral creme from the 2011 Poolside collection. We have this colour at the markets if you like it. So will you be searching out the elusive Black Spotted for your collection?

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