22 June 2013

Even more fun with striping polishes

I seem to be going through a striping phase, I just cant get enough stripes! For today's nails I didn't use my normal striping brush set. Instead I used dedicated striping polishes by Le Chat. So what's the difference between a striping brush and a striping polish? Read on for all the details and a quick tutorial to recreate this funky striped look.

The difference between a striping brush and a striping polish is simple. Striping brushes can be used with any polish you have in your collection. You put a few drops of polish on your working surface (I use baking paper), run your brush through your polish then add to your nail. Striping polishes are nail polish that comes with a very thin brush the same size as the large brush in this striping brush set.  They are thicker than normal nail polish and you can only use the brush with the polish it came with, meaning you need to buy a few different colours if you want to create stripes.

To recreate this design start with the colour you want in the middle of your nail. Add one stripe to the middle of each nail. Then fill with more stripes working from the middle out to the cuticles. You may need a few extra stripes on your thumb to fill the space. The trick to using striping brushes is to move your finger not the brush. Place the brush on the nail then move the finger backwards as the brush slides along it. 

Le Chat has a range of striping polishes that are great quality and reasonably priced. The range is called Color Madnic - CM Nail Art. They are opaque in one coat which allows for precise lines as you don't need to go over them twice. They dry shiny, even the neons. The colours I used today are: Silver Glitter, Hottie Pink, Black and White. 

This silver glitter is denser than most glitter striping polishes. It still stripes easily and the quick opacity makes it a winner even if it is a little bit chunky in the bottle. I just love this photo, the light playing with the glitter in the bottle is beautiful. These are in my top 5 fav nails of 2013! I hope you guys like them as much as I do.

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  1. Oh gosh these are cute! Makes me wanna do a stripey mani like now!



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