25 June 2013

Zoya Pixie Dust Summer 2013 Collection

Gasp! Stunning sparkly, matte glitters in bright, juicy colours. Its the Zoya Pixie Dust Summer 2013 collection. The first whole collection I have been excited about in a long time and I'm so glad I snapped them all up. Enough talking, lets go look at the pictures!

Zoya - Liberty is a rich blue colour with blue glitter "dust". Its my second favourite colour in the collection as its vibrant and the blue is a really nice hue.

The formula of all the polishes in this collection is awesome. They apply beautifully, no bald spots or brush dabbing required, just paint on like a creme. Zoya recommends letting the polish really dry between each layer to get the most out of the sparkly matte finish. I left it about 2 minutes between each coat. The textured finish really is something special. 

Zoya - Solange is a bright yellow gold polish with platinum and gold glitter "dust". 

The wear on the Pixie Dust polishes is amazing. Considering you don't use base or top coat, you will get at least 3 days chip free. I started to get tip wear on the third day and by the fifth day there was a few chips on the corners of my nails.

Zoya - Miranda is a mulberry pink polish with pink glitter "dust". This polish was a little more "juicy" than the rest in that it didn't dry as matte as the others but it was still super glittery.

Clean up can be a little tricky with texture polishes so its best to try not to flood your cuticles. In all the pictures I have used 2 coats of polish and the pictures were all taken in direct sunlight.

Zoya - Beatrix is a light orange polish with gold glitter "dust". Not a colour I would normally wear but its so juicy and delicious, like a sugary orange gem lolly.

Now brace yourself for my absolute favorite of the collection.

Zoya - Stevie is a beautiful muted lilac polish with silver glitter "dust". Its so girly and I really like it with my skin tone. This polish will be making many appearances in upcoming nail art, its one of my all time top 5 polishes. I know, that's a big call but its really gorgeous!

The entire Pixie Dust Summer 2013 collection is available now from Drama Queen Nails.

The last polish is Zoya - Destiny. A bright coral grapefruit colour with gold glitter "dust".

If you don't own any texture polish this would be a fab set to start with. They are superior to the Liquid Sands in that they are thinner, finer, they dry quicker and are much more sparkly. I cant wait to experiment with them in my nail art, I have high hopes for some wicked pixie gradients!

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