14 June 2013

Nailene Couture Design Nails

Got a hot date tonight and zero time to pimp your nails? Couture Design Nails from nailene just might be the answer to no mess, no fuss instant nail art!

Unfortunately not all of us are blessed with genetically beautiful nails that look amazing all the time. Having gorgeous nails takes work and dedication and whilst we enjoy spending time painting our nails, sometimes we get caught out and need a nail makeover in a flash. You might be thinking, oh no, false nails, but stick ons have come a long way since I tried them back in high school. Now slimmer, more flexible and less damaging to your natural nails, this couture fashion nail set is a great option for anyone needing instant glam.

The set comes with 24 press on nails, an orange stick, buffer and a tube of nail glue. I chose to use them with adhesive Ultra tabs instead to protect Jules' natural nails.  I started by choosing the correct size nail for each finger. I prepared the natural nail with a quick swipe of nail polish remover. Then I applied one tab to the finger I was working on and pressed on the nail. The tabs are uber sticky and the perfect sizes, I didn't need to cut any to fit. 

Both hands were completed in under 3 minutes, it really was as easy as stick and press, done! The tabs worked really well at holding the nail on. They lasted for 3 days with some minor lifting and then the thumb nail popped off. The others came off the next day. If you wanted them to stay on for longer  buffing the natural nail first and using the glue would be the better option. They were very comfortable to wear. The nails themselves were still in good condition with no wear at the tip when Jules removed them.

The design that came on this set is a blue and silver gradient French tip with black and silver glitter accents. Its not the type of thing Id normally do on my own nails but it would work for a whole range of occasions and compliment a variety of outfits both casual and fancy. 

If you would like to check out more nailene Couture Designs nail sets click here. 

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