2 October 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 31: Honour someone you admire

It's finally here! The last day of the challenge. It's been a tough month with what felt like deadlines looming everyday. But while it was demanding I am so happy with all of the designs that I produced this year. I have improved so much from my 2012 attempt and also got to try some techniques I have never done before. All around it's been a super huge fun month of nails, nails, nails! And more nails! And then some more nails! 

The last day of the challenge is all about honouring a mani from someone in the nail art world that you admire. When I first started taking nail art seriously there were five girls that I closely followed; Mr Candiipants, Simple Little Pleasues, Nailside, The Nailasuarus and Chalkboard Nails. A week or so ago the one and only Chalkboard Nails followed me on Instagram. I have to admit that I felt just a little bit accomplished, having one of my heroes acknowledging that my nails warranted a look in. I knew straight away which CN mani that I wanted to honour, the Beauty and the Beach design...breathtaking! Thank you so much CN for all that you have shared and created, it has inspired many people, me included. To see Sarah's original design which includes a great tutorial click here.

Today's design features:

  • Essie - Sand Tropez (Sand/Nude)
  • China Glaze - For Audrey (turquoise)
  • OPI - My boyfriend scales walls (off white)
  • Barry M - Black
And now I can resume my normal life! I'm freeeeeeeeee! 


  1. Great recreation, it's flawless!

  2. You did such a beautiful job! Congratulations on finishing the challenge -- it's not an easy thing to do!

    Thank you very much for your kind words and support of my blog. :) <3



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