17 October 2013

Bundle Monster - Create your own nail stamping plate collection

New to the BM range, a set of plates designed by nail stamping fans. It's a great mix and just when you thought I've got all the plates I'll ever need....think again. They're awesome! Available now from Drama Queen Nails. 

Yeah I love nails too! And geeks!

I'm loving the triangles - this image would work great for reverse stamping.

Dripping paint, whoever submitted that design is a genius.

Kitties and owls and interlocking dots, this a favourite plate of the set for me.

This Halloween plate is so rad....need to use that sugar skull stat!

Dress up your nails for a fancy night on the town.

Finally a zig zag image with thick stripes! I can't wait to use this image.

Oh yes! Love this plate.

Overall this set is really well rounded. It's got a great mix of both full prints and accent images that are different from all the other BM sets. The advantage of having nail stamping crazies dream up designs is that there is a cross over between nail art techniques. Take for example the dripping paint image. Easy to do with a dotting tool but noe even easier with a stamp. 

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