3 October 2013

#31dc2013 - The Round-up Post

Let's take a look back at all the creations from this year's challenge. 

Montage! Gunna need a montage! 

Day 1 Red

Day 2 Orange

Day 3 Yellow

Day 4 Green

Day 5 Blue - I really loved this mani and was sad that I had to take it off the next day, it was really beautiful.

Day 6 Purple - Loved this one too and will be doing lots more ombre claws in the future.

Day 7 Black and White - Jules tapped in for this one. Funky!

Day 8 Metallic

Day 9 Rainbows. My addiction to Zoya Pixies was full blown by this stage.

Day 10 Gradient, which I personally think should be replaced with unicorn day next year.

Day 11 Spots

Day 12 Stripes

Day 13 Animal print: Peacock. I was raging on this day because my stamping bled into colour underneath when I applied topcoat but with perspective it was still nice.

Day 14 Flowers. Julsie helped out with next 2 days so I could have a break. Isn't she the best sis ever!

Day 15 Delicate Print

Day 16 Aztec

Day 17 Glitter

Day 18 Half moon

Day 19 Galaxy

Day 20 Watermarble Aargh! This day does NOT get any easier the 2nd time around. I am convinced that living in QLD with our high humidity and temps does make it difficult to get the polish to spread well. Perhaps it's just me?

Day 21 Inspired by a colour

Day 22 Inspired by a song: Rihanna Diamonds.

Day 23 Inspired by a movie: Splash!

Day 24 Inspired by a book: Clockwork Orange

Day 25 Inspired by fashion

Day 26 Inspired by a print

Day 27 Inspired by an artist: Ken Done

Day 28 Inspired by a flag: Pride flag

Day 29 Inspired by the supernatural

Day 30 Inspired by a tutorial: Reverse stamping

Day 31 Honour someone you admire: Chalkboard Nails

That's a wrap! 


  1. I really like your inspired by a colour nails, and I love your inspired by a book ones - fantastic choice, I could tell what book before I even read the post!

  2. All your colors and designs are amazing! :)

  3. Lovely love;y. Very interesting. I am going to try this work today.

  4. Very interesting blog. I would like to follow this blog. Could you please post more.

  5. I love all of these manis, it's actually difficult to pick a favourite ;)

    1. Actually, days 6, 7,8,9, 14 & 22 are my favourites!!! ;)



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