8 January 2014

Inspired by the Nail Boss

I follow tonnes of great nail accounts on IG but I have a few professional artists on my roll as well and I can always tell even before I read the name when I see a  The Nail Boss  mani. I am actually not 100% sure what medium he works with (I think it might be pigmented acrylics?) but I know that it's #notpolish. 

Here is a link to The Nail Boss' original mani  He is mostly well known for his geometric designs where he uses wire to cut out shapes then in-fills spaces with different colours. He then uses a drill to file down the sections to get really neat lines. His finished product is always gloriously shiny and his clients get 6 weeks between manis...he truly is The Nail Boss. If you are interested to see how he uses wire and the drill to apply the colours watch this video, I found it completely amazing, I haven't seen anything like it in my nail travels.

Polishes used in this mani:

This mani was pretty easy to do. It is 2 coats of the white base which I then top coated and let dry. I applied tiny amounts of top coat to my nail where I wanted to place the rhinestone. I used tweezers to pick up the rhinestones and place them together. I started with the big round rhinestone at the cuticle and worked towards the tip. Then I added 2 layers of Northern Lights over the rhinestones to seal them down and add some extra sparkle.  I wish that I was into nail art back when I got married because this is exactly what I would have done..I can't stop staring at my hands! 

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