13 January 2014

Post it note decals #heartburstmani

A super simple tutorial today using a post it note and craft punch. You could use this technique with any craft punch shape and leave the space empty for lots of different designs. #heartburstmani

The polishes I used in this mani:
  • OPI Don't burst my bubble
  • OPI My boyfriend scales walls
  • Picture Polish Hot Lips
  • Picture Polish Candy
  • Holographic heart decals

Use the sticky end of a post it note and a craft punch to create a sticker.

Apply it to your nail over your base colour - make sure your base colour is completely dry, topcoat it if you want to speed up the drying process or its a thick polish. Use your finger to gently flatten the sticker.

This is the striping brush that I used. 

Paint lines of polish coming out from the sticker.

Use tweezers to pull off the sticker. Fill the space with a decal or leave it empty. You could also do this to create a negative space shape just dont use a base colour, apply the sticker directly to nude nail and paint around it. Make sure its stuck down FLAT if you want to try it on nude nails. If you decide to give this try please use the hashtag #heartburstmani xx

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