16 January 2014

Winstonia 2nd generation stamping plates

They're here, they're here! Feels like an eternity since the first generation plates were released. Winstonia have taken a cutesy approach to image selection for their 2nd gen collection. This new set features your usual special occasion images as well as mix of full nail and accent designs.....and there is a couple of Australian animals, the koala is too cute! Read on to see the whole set. I can't wait to start playing with mine. Set available here.

Lovin the squares, would work awesome for a pre made decal. Winstonia has also increased the size of the images which is great for those with longer nails. 

Chunky messy zigzags....yes!! 

Yay! Koalas rule! The flamingo is cool too.

Do not like this plate...why...just why?

Being a DQ I of course love this plate, the chandelier image is so swish!

Disco baby! Oh yeah, love this one. I need disco balls on my nails like yesterday!

2 unicorns...2. Thank you Winstonia.

I do wonder if there is anyone out there who would want electricity generating windmills on their nails but each to their own right.

OMG Dinosaurs! Fav plate of the set hand down. Will require some intermediate stamping skills to line these images up across multiple nails but I seriously cant wait to have pink T-Rex nails hahaha

The fangs are rad.

If you need some new inspiration there is plenty here in the 2nd gen set from Winstonia. 

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