30 July 2014

Dance Legend WOW Prisms

Argh! WOW! My love affair with Dance Legend begins. My first polishes from DL have blown me away with their sparkle and fab bottles. I love looking at them all lined up on my polish rack....Fancy!  This is 3 of the holo polishes from the WOW Prism collection. The collection is a 2 parter, 18 colours in the first release and then another 6 in the Spring Collection.

For this design I used the polishes on their own with no base colour. However the silver really did need a base so next time its undies first. I sponged the gradient on as normal then also painted another layer of colour on the tips to darken the colours. There is a little bit too much spectra-flair glitter in these polishes which makes them hard to gradient with, the colour sinks into the sponge leaving the flair to sit on top making the gradient too subtle. But I guess that's a trade off to having mountains of amazing sparkle!

Pink: Dance Legend - Hysteria 21 
Silver: Dance Legend - Steel Panther 13
Teal: Danced Legend - Holy Diver 36 

It was overcast all day so the best picture I could get was indoors but you can still get a hint of the amazing sparkle. The glass crystals are from the multi coloured pack which is available  HERE. 


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