27 July 2014

Pueen Encore Collection

With Pueen's last release they jumped on the theme plate bandwagon and created the 24B Buffet set which strayed from traditional rectangle sized stamping images to full plate designs. There were many pros to this as it allowed more variation with stamping and less restrictions for those with long or wide nails. Their latest set - The Encore Collection - has taken full plate designs to the next level with bigger "areas" of pattern and images on both sides of the plate. The Pueen Encore Collection is available now from www.dramaqueennails.com

1A and 1B are actually the same plate, just the front and back.  The images are great, lots to love, a few repeats of things I already have but I'm impressed with the amount of pattern, definitely much more area to work with. The little dots are a highlight for me.

This is a GREAT plate. If you love flowers you are sure to love this one.

This plate is my fav in the whole set.  The word LOVE is reasonably sized, unlike the Buffet set where word images were just enormous. The B side is great too with the stars and butterflies and paint splatters.

The plates measure 10cm x 10cm

 The peacock feathers on this plate are awesome. The tear drops I quite like too.

So many possibilities! 

Oh yeah, lovin' the fine swirly lines! 

The big whirl pool on this one gets me excited! I can't wait to have some time to play around with these plates, there are lots of patterns that really appeal to me. Can you spot the lady's face in  4B?

There is one major downside to having double sided plates. The edges are flippin sharp! Pueen has considered this in their design so the plates come with a plastic "edge".  When you get your plates they come in a plastic envelope which is inside the sleeve of the storage case. Cut out the clear plastic window on both sides of the plate but do not remove the plastic window frame. 

Above is a picture with the window still intact. Below is with the window cut out.

Work around the frame to remove the blue film. It makes plate clean up a touch annoying but it's definitely much better than slicing up your fingers. Below is a picture of the plate with blue film removed and plastic window frame on.

The Pueen Encore Collection is available now from www.dramaqueennails.com 


  1. 4A and B are freakin' beautiful!

  2. I'm wanting these for Christmas - do you know if they are limited edition? Will they still e available at Christmas?



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