8 October 2014

How to make decals on your stamper video

So the challenge wrapped up last week and I've taken a few days off from nails to recharge myself and spend some time with my family. It was bliss! But it wasn't too long before my pretties called me back.

Before the challenge I wrote a post about how to make decals on your stamper with some pics. But during the challenge I used the decal method so much and refined it each time so I decided to make a video for you guys to show you how I do it now.


The two biggest changes I've made are taking the decals off after 30-45 min, don't leave them too long so that they stay sticky. Secondly not using any base coat to stick them on. They stick on by themselves like a sticker and you don't get pesky bubbles and rips. Yay!

I hope my video helps you out and that you give it a try. It's pretty easy. Best advice, when you are pulling the decal off the stamper don't pull in the same direction all the time, the decals will stretch and distort. Alternate the sides you pull from so you don't distort the image and if it still starts to rip leave it another 10 minutes. If you leave it over night these decals go brittle and cant be used, they don't stick or curve to the nail. 


  • Zoya - Dot
  • BC - Shade 8
  • OPI - Alpine Snow
  • Mundo de Unas - 29
I should mention that I live in Brisbane, Australia which is sub tropical (30 degrees) most days at the moment, so I'm pretty sure that has effect on dry time. If you live in colder climates and find the decals are ripping when you pull them off adjust dry time. I would be really interested to hear from you guys if this is an issue. If you live somewhere cold and you try this out please let me know how you go xx 


  1. Love this video! Thanks for making it look sooo easy.

  2. I really enjoy reading your blog, thanks for sharing it :D it's really beautiful

  3. Amei esse desenho em rosa, ficou lindo! Conheço um site http://adesivosdeunhasepeliculas.com/ que tem uns desenhos lindos. *-*
    Seus desenhos são feito a mão? Desculpa as perguntas é que sou do Brasil e não sei como funciona seu site

  4. This is pretty nail art designs , love the colour combination and they look great. Impressive as always! :)



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