10 December 2012

Aussie Christmas Challenge Day 7: Aussie Sunset

You're looking so hot today Rhonda......like a sunrise! (Aussie joke). So here we are on day 7 of the ACC. I love gradients and there is nothing more beautiful as the colours that melt together in the sky as the sun is setting.

For the gradient I used:
  • Zoya Pippa - banana yellow creme
  • China Glaze Japanese Koi (neon) - dark orange neon creme
  • China Glaze Love's a Beach - hot pink neon shimmer
For the water marble I used:
  • China Glaze Japanese Koi (neon) - dark orange neon creme
  • China Glaze Love's a Beach - hot pink neon shimmer
  • Zoya Yummy - a sky blue creme
  • China Glaze Sun Kissed - a neon yellow shimmer
 I have added my gradient tutorial in for everyone as I used this method for this design just added another line of colour.

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