27 December 2012

Daring Digits Before Color

Always a sucker for Indie polishes, especially one with large black round glequins mixed into smaller white hex glitters, I was most excited to get my paws on Daring Digits Before Color. After using a few other Daring Digits polishes I had high hopes for this polish, unfortunately it fell very short of my expectations.

I layered Before Color over Zoya Kristi, a bright fire engine red with a blue base. 

The application of Before Color was HORRENDOUS! It may be the worst polish in my collection application wise. Trying to use the brush was just pointless, no large black dots would come out unless I dug for them. Even after storing the bottle upside down for 10 minutes it was still so difficult to get the large black dots out. So I resorted to using a toothpick to pick out the black dots then apply them individually. As for the white hexagon glitters....arrrgh! They came out fine using the brush however they were often stacked one on top of each other so on application when I tried to spread them out they wouldn't come apart as the base had kind of glued them together, you can see in the picture how the white hexagons are close together on the nail... that's why. When I did try to pull them apart it dug into the red polish and smeared it, fail!

I love the concept of this polish, the colours...right up my alley but when you have to spend half an hour individually placing the glitters you may as well just use free glitter and glue them on with top coat. Sad Panda...I wanted this polish to be great.

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