3 April 2013

Hello Kitty likes Indie Glitters

There is something very special about indie glitters. Its got something to do with the fact they are unique to their creators who pour their personalities into every bottle. They think outside the box and source custom glitters to create polishes not seen by the likes of the big boys such as China Glaze and OPI. It appeals to me that because they are not mass produced if you own them you have a collectors item in some way. So with my indie collection growing and growing I sat down yesterday to swatch them all so I can begin to keep track of the all the treasures I have. And from the depths of my Ikea Helmer I became reacquainted with my first ever indie polish purchase, Lush Lacquer - Salt and Peppa. 

Whilst I could never play favourites with my indies, I do have a thing for black and white glitters. Salt and Peppa is a combination of black and white squares in 2 sizes, and black and white hexagon and bar glitters. There is also holographic silver, blue, yellow and gold micro dots. The glitter is suspended in a clear base which is a great consistency, not too goopy. The glitter applies evenly with just a few little dabs here and there to fill in any bald spots. The bar glitter is probably the hardest to make sure its sitting nicely.

The gradient is China Glaze - Diva Bride and Barry M Gelly - Grapefruit. I used this technique to blend the colours. The Hello Kitty image is stamped and its from the MLS-05 plate. I stamped with Konad Special Polish in white with a pink coloured gemstone in the bow....ummm adorbs!!

The MLS-05 plate has some really cute images, I use the bows all the time. They are small and fit across my nails perfectly. Meow....... Hello Kitty is always a winner! This plate is in stock now. 


 Lucky for you guys Karin and Lexi still make Salt and Peppa and you can get it from here. I just got 8 new shades from these two so you will be seeing a whole lotta love for Lush Lacquer over the next few months.

1 comment:

  1. Very cute HK stamp, and the pink gradient + glitter is lovely!



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