9 April 2013

Winstonia W1 Series Stamping Plates

Today we take a closer look at the first generation set of nail art stamping plates from Winstonia, the W1 Series. The set contains 20 plates which are 5.6cm in diametre with each plate containing 6 - 8 images. The images are a mixture of small accents and full nail designs and thankfully there is not one french tip plate....I have a bunch of them in my Bundle Monster sets and I never seem to use them.  This image is from plate W111.

The images are the perfect size for my nails. If your nails are any longer than mine you would need to double stamp the full nail designs. The designs are modern and a nice mix of cutesy, sophisticated and edgy. There is something in this set for everyone. This is a winter themed plate, a Halloween plate, a Christmas plate, fruit plate, sports plate, and a heap of other cool images like a unicorn, panda and famous landmarks from around the world. The Winstonia 20 pc set is available now from Drama Queen Nails.

Aren't you glad you stuck around....such a great set!


  1. Pretty! What colors did you use to stamp?

    1. Hi Kris, For the picture at the top of the post I used Kleancolours Metallic Aqua which is availalbe from www.dramaqueennails.com :)



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