8 April 2013

Lush Lacquer Princess Poodle

Its called Princess Poodle? I don't even need to see what colour it is, MUST have it! Those who have been following me for a while know that I have 2 gorgeous fluffy children, one who is a poodle. I've had poodles all my life and they are such amazingly smart dogs, not to mention cute as a button! OK, I'll stop going on about my babies so you can go look at this unique polish from Lush Lacquer. 

Princess Poodle is an off white jelly with pink, black and grey glitters. The glitter is a mix of hexagons, bars and micro dots. There are larger pink hexagons in the mix too. The formula is great, not too thick and no fishing for glitter, but I did have to spread the glitter around on my nail by dabbing the brush in empty spots. I also had to spread one or two clumps where lots of glitter had piled together but it was really easy to move around because the suspension base did not dry too quickly. This is one coat over an off white creme, OPI - My Vampire Is Buff. I tried 2 coats of Princess Poodle on its own and it was just too much, it looked crowded on the nail.


To create the V shape I used striping tape. The grey is China Glaze - Recycle and the pink was an unexpected winner from BYS. Its called Pink Panic and it really came to life with top coat, its a gorgeous colour with a great formula. I feel like BYS is picking up its act lately, when I first started collecting polish when I was a teenager BYS was all I could really afford and I remember it being crappy and chipping and staining my nails. Recently I have bought a few things from their new collections and I have loved every one...great news for Aussies! You can get Lush Lacquer - Princess Poodle here.

Far from a princess, my very blokey poodle Hank caught in the act digging a giant hole in the grass! What? Me? I know nothing!

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