12 September 2014

#31dc2014 Day 12 - Stripes

I went into today with no plan in mind. I had a vague idea that I wanted to use my nail art pens somehow but they ended up dinging my base colour and annoying me so that idea went out the window. I had the red and orange polish sitting on my desk from yesterday's mani that I hadn't put away yet so I grabbed them and some striping tape and just started sticking bits on hoping it would come together. It turned out interesting enough, especially the swirl inside the outline decal. It looks like a flaming eye! 

  • China Glaze - Seas the day (red)
  • China Glaze - Stoked to be soaked (orange)
  • OPI - Skull and glossbones (grey)

Sometimes when you just cant figure out what to do...go the polish swirl and hope for the best.


  1. Wait, the 'eye' is made from stripping tape??? It looks like one of those sticker frames that you filled in the middle with the swirly polish. Pretty mani. Love the bright colors.



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