13 September 2014

#31dc2014 Day 13 - Animal Print

I'm not particularly fond of snakes but I can appreciate them for their beauty. When I was about 7 years old I went out into the backyard to go bike riding and there sitting on top of my bike was an Australia green tree snake. I ran back into the house and my Dad called the snake people and off he went to live happily ever after back in the bush somewhere. That was to be the first of many snake encounters in my backyard, we lived on acreage so there was always a couple lurking around eating the neighbours' chook eggs, mostly carpet snakes. I once saw one eat a whole possum, I filmed it and to this day it is the most disturbing thing to watch.

I'm so pleased with how these nails turned out. They really are slinky and shimmery just like a snake.


Australia Green tree snake
  • Kleancolors - Metallic Green
  • Konad Stamping Polish - Green
The snake print is from the Bundle Monster 200 series, plate BM 215

I love how subtle the print came out and in different light it shifts between yellow and green. I had to add a touch of yellow bling, cause you know every snake likes to look a little fabulous every now and then.  

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