14 September 2014

#31dc2014 Day 14: Flowers

Something you might not know about me is that I am a huge shinnichi. Huh? A wha? A Japanophile! I love Japan, so much so that I went there on my honeymoon and my house is full of Japanese photos, knick knacks and yes I have a whole shelf of Totoros!  For some reason I have never done cherry blossom nails so today's theme was the perfect opportunity to have a go.

Certainly not as beautiful as the real thing but so pretty. Check out a couple of cherry blossom pics I took the last time I was in Japan.

  • China Glaze - Diva Bride
  • Lime Crime - Pink Parfait
  • Zoya - Dahlia (pixie)
  • OPI - Black spotted ( I actually love using this polish for nail art as its really runny and makes fine lines a bit easier)

This picture below truly captures the beauty of the cherry blossom tree. Looking at it makes me want to hop on a plane and go back so badly. Don't you just love how it hangs artfully over the building, like every branch was purposefully positioned into a cascading waterfall. Gorgeous! 

Hope you guys are enjoying my efforts in the challenge this year. I'm trying to take a few risks and try things I haven't done before whilst avoiding the dreaded nail fail xx


  1. I love it!! I enjoy your designs! Very creative and cute!

  2. im loving the base colour! pretty design!



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