8 September 2014

#31dc2014 Day 8 - Metallic

Seriously, Julsie's nails at the moment are CRAZY! These are her natural talons, no gel or acrylic overlays, just her natural nails. She changed her shape about 5 months ago from squares and her nails obviously work better as almonds as they have stopped peeling and breaking. Im filled with extreme nail jealously!

  • China Glaze - Liquid Leather (black)
  • Silver scattered holo foil
  • Zoya - Electra (holo bar glitter)
For today's metallic theme Julsie used nail foil to create this effect. She dribbled on the nail glue in squiggly lines then dabbed the foil onto the dry glue. It created a really unique effect I think. Im so lucky to have such a fab sis to play nails with.

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