13 September 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 13: Animal print

Urg! Hot mess! This was a very late night effort, obviously it was past my bedtime. Day 13 is all about animal print and I wanted to do something out of the box because I love leopard print and do it all the time. So I thought Id be a smarty pants and do something unusual like a bird. These were supposed to be peacock nails but the purple polish I used in the gradient bled into the stamping and ruined it. Sadface! But the pinkie...should have done that on every finger!! It's beautiful.

Today's design features:
  • Kleancolors - Metallic Purple
  • Kleancolors - Metallic Aqua
  • China Glaze - Running in circles
  • Barry M - Gold Foil

The peacock print is from the 2nd Bundle Monster kit and the feathers are from Nail Craze NC01. I think the little heart gems helped to pull this shambles design together in the end. Sparkle Power! Until tomorrow....


  1. Uh, this looks beautiful! I think you are the only one who sees anything wrong with that stamping :)

  2. Really beautiful colours! Fabulous!



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