23 September 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 23: Inspired by a movie

It's 1985 and here I am just 6 years old in my pajamas at home watching Splash for the very first time. A mermaid? A real life mermaid? In the bath tub? I swear for a while I fully believed that it was possible to have a mermaid best friend to go along with my big 80's hair and Kylie Minogue cassette tapes. If you have never seen Splash do yourself a favour and get in your jammies with some popcorn and a drinky poos, pop it on and pretend you are a six year old with a magical mermaid bestie.

Today's designs features:

  • Color Club - Harp in it (silver holo)
  • Zoya - Kotori - (Blue glitter shimmer)
  • Zoya - Irene (lime duochrome shimmer)
  • Zoya - Akyra (Emerald green)
  • Glam Polish - Lost your marbles? (glitter topper)
  • OTD - Northern Lights (holo topcoat)

I swirled all the Zoya colours together on my nail by dripping random blobs of polish then using a small brush to drag the colours through each other. The scale stamp is from GALS Stamping Plate:GA14. The mermaid stamp is from the Winstonia Collection. I was racing against the setting sun to get this photographed because I wanted to show the gorgeous holo in all it's glory, so rainbowie! Until tomorrow.....

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