5 September 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 5: Blue

Day 5 and I'm feelin' fine! Hope you guys are enjoying the challenge so far and are seeing some designs that you might like to try yourself. I was really in the mood to do some stripes and also use my new navy Pixie Dust. It's a divine, delicious "Van Gogh" blue.....ugh, its just too much amazingness! 

Today's designs features:
  • Zoya _ Sunshine (navy Pixie)
  • OPI - Tiffany Case (the sky blue Liquid Sand)
  • A custom colour that I made by mixing Zoya - NYX and Zoya Sunshine (the demin blue)
To do this I started with a coat of clear Seche base coat. I then just painted stripes starting from the tip of my nail down to my cuticle  I taped up the sides of my nails with sticky tape cause cleaning up Pixie's when you use them for nail art can be a bit of a bummer.

To do the gradient I applied one coat of Sunshine.  I put a line of OPI - Tiffany Case on the end of a make up sponge. I dabbed off the excess polish then gently dabbed it on the tip of my nail slowly moving towards the cuticle. There is no topcoat on any of my nails. Just gritty, fabulous, dusty sparkles.

These pictures were all taken in the sun for maximum sparkle power. The colours are so vibrant. I just can't get enough of matte textured polishes at the moment. 

Remember to tag your challenge pics with #31dc2013 so that everyone can see what you have created. Until tomorrow....

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