20 September 2013

#31dc2013 - Day 20: Watermarble

So today is the day....its time for the dreaded water marble. I say dreaded because there only seems to be 2 outcomes when trying to marble: it either works or its a complete disaster/epic fail! After an hour of trying to find polishes that worked well together in the water, I then spent another half an hour trying to find a pattern that I liked and was a bit different from the normal "flower" design. And this is the result. The art deco water marble.

Today's design features:

  • BC- Shade 8 (peach)
  • Gloss n' Sparkle - Spectraflair topcoat
  • Color Club - Beyond (Black Holo)

I breathed a huge sigh of relief when this mani was finished. Jules will tell you...there was raging and swearing and Drama Queen meltdowns. But it was worth it in the end, they came out so beautiful and I'm proud of myself....and they are sparkly, winning! Until tomorrow..........


  1. Haha i get so frustraded with my nails sometimes too! fantastic job!

  2. It was certainly worth the effort. It is really beautiful!



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